Seeing the Singularity Expanded Infinitely Within God

This is from the 11th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita.


Arjuna:Out of love for me, you explained the most confidential secrets about yourself, and my confusions have disappeared. My dear friend, whose eyes are wide like the leaves of a lotus flower, I have heard of your endless grandeur, which encompasses everything seen and unseen. Now I would like to see what I have heard: the majestic form of the Ultimate Person. If you deem me able, O master of all mysteries please let me see your limitless form.


Krishna: My friend, look upon my form, with hundreds upon thousands of divine multifaceted colors and shapes.

Look upon the Āditya gods [who maintain the universe], the Vasu gods [who create the substances in the universe], the Rudra gods [who destroy] the Aśvini gods [who give health and beauty], the Marut gods [of storms] and so many other amazing things that have never been seen before!

See in me the singularity – the entire universe simultaneously situated in one place! In this form of mine you can behold anything you wish to see!

Arjuna: I cannot see!


Krishna: Of course you cannot literally see such things with your own eyes. So, I bestow to you divine eyes, by which you can see my mystic opulence.


Krishna then showed Arjuna his form of supreme majesty: Countless eyes and mouths, countless incredible sights, countless divine ornaments, countless divine weapons held aloft, dressed in divine clothing and flower necklaces, emitting divine fragrances, the brilliant divinity of absolutely astonishing wonder, the unlimited being whose face is everywhere.

If a thousand suns shone in the sky together, perhaps their glow might compare to the brilliance of that great being.

Arjuna could see within the body of that invisible god of gods, the universal singularity expanded infinitely.

Then, overcome by astonishment while his hair stood up on end, Arjuna folded his hands and bowed his head to that divinity, and began to speak.


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