Comprehending the Incomprehensible


Krishna: My strong-armed friend, you are so dear to me. Desiring what is best for you, I will continue to tell you my supreme secrets.

Arjuna: I am sorry to make you repeat yourself.


Krishna [shaking his head while smiling kindly]: No, no. Everyone has a hard time comprehending what I am trying to explain. Even the gods and the greatest sages don’t understand my origin. After all, I am the origin of all the gods and sages.

Arjuna: It is very difficult for the part to comprehend the whole from which it comes?

Krishna: It is impossible as long as the part insists on remaining apart.

Arjuna: You are the origin of everything, but what is your origin?


Krishna [putting his hand on his chest]: I am original, without any other origin. Thus I am the supreme master of everything. Anyone who can understand this, even if he or she is an ordinary mortal, is liberated from all confusions and misfortune.

Arjuna: But it is very difficult to comprehend an entity that is its own origin.

Krishna: Yes. Because I am the source of everything, I am above and beyond every tool you might try to use to comprehend me.

Arjuna: Such as?


Krishna: Intelligence, knowledge, certainty, forbearance, realism, restraint, equipoise… Existence and non-existence, fear and fearlessness… I am above and beyond all these.

Arjuna: What about striving to understand you through mystic and religious methods?


Krishna: Non-violence, non-discrimination, desirelessness, austerity, charity, fame or infamy? I am above and beyond all these as well. Every aspect of existence comes from me.

Arjuna: You say all the sages and gods come from you, but don’t they come from Aditi, and Brahmā?

Krishna: Aditi comes from Dakṣa, who comes from Brahmā. Where does Brahmā come from?

Arjuna: I know, but I would like to hear you say it.


Krishna: Brahmā is born from my thoughts. Then, from his thoughts come four, and then seven great sages, and then the forefathers, from whom everyone else in the world is eventually born.

Arjuna: If you are above and beyond any tool of comprehension, how can anyone ever comprehend you?


Krishna: This is certain and sure – If you really understand all these mystical things about me, you will want more than anything else to link yourself up to me. “He is the cause of all causes. Everything comes from him.” If you understand this intelligently, you will start to feel very deep devotion towards me.

Arjuna: Then what happens?


Krishna: Then you will always seek to discuss me with those who are similarly devoted to me, those whose thoughts are enrapt in me, and whose very hearts beat for me. This will bring you great satisfaction and pleasure!

Arjuna: And then?


Krishna: I give special intelligence, capable of comprehending me, to those who are always on that loving path of adoration.

Arjuna: Must they not also separately endeavor to overcome their ignorance?


Krishna: No. I personally care for them. I personally ensure that the dark shadows of ignorance are dispelled by the brilliant light of knowledge.


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